About Us

The jurney of our company began in 1957, since then we have been specializing in packaging as we were the main supplier for a well-known Greek chocolate factory.  

Our main goal is to listen, respond and meet the needs of our customers. Our principles in terms of quality, confidentiality, our know-how and creativity are the ones that inspire confidence in our customers. 

The main material that we used was “paper” but as we evolved our materials became diverse, some of them are: paper, cardboard, wood, aluminium, acrylic, fabric, leather, leatherette and we do not stop there … 

With the right processing we can create unique custom-made products. Some of them are: press kits, gift boxes, stands, folders, Point of Purchase materials, catalogs, sample catalogs, company identity products etc. 

No matter what you bring us, “can’t” simply isn’t part of our vocabulary.